St. Bartholomew’s Music Program

Lyrical Singing with Laughter and Love

A small but mighty choir provides a joyous ministry of music under the able direction of Ms. Lauren Fisher. We are extremely proud of the spiritual offering this ministry brings to our church. All our parishioners agree our music ministry is a highlight of our Sunday Worship.

Lauren Fisher is a studied scholar with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in music. She is a full-time elementary school music teacher, and part-time church organist, pianist, and choir director. Her unique talents are applied in composing special hymns for Sunday Worship, our recent Bicentennial Celebration, and for Baptisms. We also have special choral offerings during special worship services including Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and others. We soon plan to add a youth choir of elementary age Sunday School children further expanding this already robust religious offering.

All choir members are parishioner volunteers who enjoy practicing one evening per week and singing in church on Sundays. Anyone interested in joining our choir is welcome to participate and is encouraged to contact Lauren.

The following YouTube link features a Choir Anthem from a previous service.