Approved by the Parish at a

Special Parish Meeting, October 28, 2012,

With Amendments Approved at an

Annual Parish Meeting, February 10, 2019







  1. General Members
  2. Voting Members
  3. New Parish Members
  4. Annual Meetings
  5. Special Parish Meetings
  6. Notice and Place of Parish Meetings
  7. Meeting Quorum
  8. Election Dispute or Voter Eligibility Dispute



  1. Membership
  2. Responsibilities
  3. Eligibility
  4. Term of Office
  5. Nominations
  6. Elections
  7. Vacancies
  8. Vestry Duties
  9. Vestry Meetings
  10. Special Vestry Meetings
  11. Quorum
  12. Removal



  1. Titles and Duties of Officers

1.1. Senior Warden

1.2. Junior Warden

1.3. Parish Treasurer

1.4. Secretary of the Vestry

  1. Election
  2. The Rector
  3. Safety Deposit Box



  1. Fiscal Year and Annual Budget
  2. Limitations on Expenditures
  3. Audit
  4. Fidelity Bond
  5. Church Litigation Process



  1. General Committee Directives

1.1.    Chair Selection

1.2.    Standing Committees

1.3.    Other Committees

1.4.    Committee Member Recruitment

1.5.    Committee Meetings

1.6.    Budgets

1.7.    Outside Income

1.8.    Expenditures

1.9.    End-of-Year-Reports

1.10.  Hand-Over Files

1.11.  Parish Officer Membership on Committees

  1. Standing Committees

2.1.   Audit

2.2.   Budget and Finance

2.3.   Christian Education (Adult)

2.4.   Christian Education (Children)

2.5.   Memorial Fund

2.6.   Property

2.7.   Stewardship

  1. Additional Positions

3.1.   Pledge and Contribution Recorder

3.2.   Convention Delegates






Purpose – These By-Laws are approved by the Vestry and adopted by the Parish of St. Bartholomew’s Church, Laytonsville, Maryland, in order to provide an effective organization of the Vestry and to define duties and responsibilities of those associated with the administration of this church.

Conflict With Other Acts – It is intended that nothing in these By-Laws or amendments thereto shall in any manner conflict with the civil law, canon law, or statutory authority and any provision herein so conflicting shall be null and void. The adoption of these By-Laws shall repeal any portion of any resolution or other act of the Vestry that conflicts with these By-Laws.



  1. GENERAL MEMBERS – Every baptized person whose name is recorded in the Parish Register is a member of the congregation.
  2. VOTING MEMBERS – Voting members shall be communicants in good standing; at least 16 years old; members of St. Bartholomew’s Church for at least 4 months; faithful in corporate worship through receiving Holy Communion at least 6 times in the previous 12 months, except for good cause prevented; faithful in working and praying for the mission of the Church and the spread of the Kingdom of God through participation in St. Bartholomew’s Church mission, activities, and programs; and contributors to the church on a regular and consistent basis.
  3. NEW PARISH MEMBERS – All baptized persons desiring to become members of St. Bartholomew’s Church shall be enrolled in the Parish Register. Membership for other persons is governed by the Episcopal Canons.
  4. ANNUAL MEETINGS – The annual parish meeting shall be convened each year within thirty days following the conclusion of the annual convention of the Diocese of Washington, D.C., at a time specified by the Vestry. Business conducted at the annual parish meeting shall include the election of Vestry members, wardens, and convention delegates; the presentation of annual financial reports for all funds and organizations associated with the parish, committee reports, and the Rector’s report; and any other church business.
  5. SPECIAL PARISH MEETINGS – Special meetings of the parish may be called by the Rector, by the wardens, or by petition of at least 30 percent of the voting members of the parish. The business conducted at a special meeting shall be restricted to the subject matter specified in the notice.
  6. NOTICE AND PLACE OF PARISH MEETINGS – All members of the parish shall be notified in writing (by mail or email) at least 30 days in advance of any parish meeting of the date, time, location, and subject matter of the meeting.The notice shall also be posted on the church bulletin board at least 30 days in advance. Nominations may be included in this mailing.
  7. MEETING QUORUM – A quorum for any parish meeting shall be 30 percent of the voting members of the parish. A majority vote of those present and voting is required for the adoption of any parish business except an amendment to the Parish By-Laws, which requires a 67 percent vote for passage.  No proxy or absentee votes may be cast.
  8. ELECTION DISPUTE OR VOTER ELIGIBILITY DISPUTEA majority of the Vestry members present shall decide any issue concerning an election dispute, including, but not limited to, the inclusion or omission of any person on the list of qualified voting members as compiled by the Secretary of the Vestry, or concerning the qualification of the parishioners proposed to be elected as Vestry members. Any such decision is a final determination of the issue.



  1. MEMBERSHIPThe Vestry is composed of the Rector, the Senior Warden, the Junior Warden, and nine other lay Vestry members.
  2. RESPONSIBILITIESVestry members shall perform their duties with good faith and diligence and shall adhere to the Vestry Covenant. The Vestry’s responsibilities shall include providing for the furniture, books, and vestments needed for the celebration of public worship; seeing that all buildings and personal property belonging to the parish are adequately insured, maintained, and repaired; supervising the investment of funds of the parish; and authorizing and directing such purchases and sales as the Vestry may deem wise, as well as any and all transfers, assignments, contracts, deeds, leases, bonds, notes, checks, and other instruments it deems necessary or proper. The Vestry may, however, delegate to the Wardens or the Parish Treasurer the handling of all or any investments, including their purchase, custody, sale, and transfer.  The Vestry may delegate to the Wardens or the Parish Treasurer authority to execute contracts, deeds, leases, bonds, notes, checks, and other instruments, as may be necessary or proper.
  3. ELIGIBILITY – Elected Vestry members shall be communicants in good standing, 18 years or older, elected by the voting members of the parish at the annual parish meeting, and sworn into office by the Rector of the parish at a reasonable time thereafter. The Rector’s family members shall not be eligible to serve on the Vestry.
  4. TERM OF OFFICE – Wardens shall serve for two-year terms and shall not serve more than two consecutive terms. Wardens may run for Vestry after one or more years out of office and may run for Warden after two or more years out of office. The Wardens shall be elected the same year and serve the same two-year term.  Other Vestry members shall serve for three years (one term), beginning on the date of the annual parish meeting and ending on the date of the third subsequent annual parish meeting.  After one full term, a Vestry member shall not be eligible to be voted back on the Vestry until the person has been off for at least one year. Each year three Vestry members’ terms shall expire and three replacements shall be elected, so that there will be continuity on the Vestry.
  5. NOMINATIONS – Each year, the Vestry shall appoint a Nominating Committee, consisting of five persons, at its regular meeting in the month of October. Two members of this committee shall be members of the Vestry whose term will end at the next annual meeting and who will not be eligible for reelection. The other three members shall have been communicants of St. Bartholomew’s for at least one year but not be currently members of the Vestry. The Nominating Committee shall include at least one man and one woman. The committee shall:
  6. Identify the members of the parish whom it believes are best suited for the offices that will become vacant at the next annual meeting;
  7. Select nominees for each office to be filled at the next annual meeting;
  8. Obtain the consent of the candidates it proposes to nominate;
  9. Post the names of the nominees it has selected on the bulletin board in the church undercroft and mail or email them to each member of the parish at least 30 days prior to the annual parish meeting, together with a notice of the time and place of that meeting;
  10. Inform the members of the parish, in the notice of the annual meeting, that any voting member of the parish may nominate or self-nominate one or more candidates for positions to be filled by informing the chair of the Nominating Committee of the nomination at least two weeks prior to the annual meeting;
  11. Verify the willingness to serve of the nominees proposed independently of the Nominating Committee and request each nominee to submit a brief biography.
  12. Post the names and biographies of any that are willing to serve along with the names and biographies of the committee’s nominees on the bulletin board in the church undercroft and mail or email the names and biographies to each member of the parish at least one week prior to the annual meeting, along with a reminder of the time and place of that meeting.
  13. ELECTIONS –Wardens shall be elected by a majority vote of the eligible parish members who vote for the office. Warden nominees who are not elected may be nominated for the Vestry at the annual meeting. The Vestry shall determine the procedures for the election of Vestry members other than Wardens and shall inform parishioners of those procedures prior to the annual parish meeting.  Voting for all positions shall be by secret ballot.
  14. VACANCIES – Should a mid-term Vestry vacancy occur, the Vestry shall appoint an eligible parish member to fill the vacancy. The new Vestry member shall complete the term of the person he or she is replacing and shall be eligible to serve the next full term. The Vestry may choose to leave the position vacant if the vacancy occurs no more than a month before the next annual parish meeting.
  15. VESTRY DUTIES – The Vestry shall exercise all its powers in consultation with the Rector and in accordance with the usage and discipline of the Episcopal Church, the statutes of Maryland, the Canons of the Diocese of Washington, and the provisions of these By-Laws. It shall be the duty of the Vestry to:
  16. Provide the leadership and management of the church, through prudent care of church business, property, and financial affairs;
  17. Hire a Rector to serve the parish;
  18. Make the payment of clergy compensation a priority over all other payments from the income of the parish.
  19. Make the payment of compensation of any lay employees a priority over all other payments from the parish’s income except for the payment of clergy compensation.
  20. Create and maintain the vision of the church for the future and engage the parish in its accomplishment;
  21. Continue to generate parish enthusiasm for the church’s vision;
  22. Establish an annual parish budget and review its status at each regular Vestry meeting;
  23. Establish policies and procedures for the church and review and update them when needed;
  24. Authorize staff positions and terms of employment, including compensation, when required;
  25. Approve and authorize the appointment of any assistant it deems necessary, such as assistant parish treasurer;
  26. Establish and set goals for parish committees, appoint committee chairs and any committee treasurers it deems necessary, and oversee committee chairs in the discharge of their duties.Committee chairs and members shall be accountable to the Rector and the Vestry;
  27. Have the authority to establish policies that may remain in effect indefinitely.These policies might cover property maintenance procedures, criteria for accepting large donations, etc.  Because of the long-lasting and high significance of established policies, a two-thirds vote of the entire Vestry is required to establish or change a policy.  A special file (both paper and digital) shall be kept of all vestry policies.
  28. Be responsible for obtaining property, liability, and other insurance, including fidelity bonds.
  29. VESTRY MEETINGS – The Vestry shall establish and maintain, by a majority vote, a regular meeting schedule (generally monthly) and a place to meet and conduct the business of the parish. Any change in the meeting time or place shall be approved by a majority of the entire Vestry, for good cause shown, and timely and proper notice of the proposed change or changes shall be provided to all Vestry members. The presiding officer at Vestry meetings shall be the Rector, or in the Rector’s absence, the Senior Warden, or in the Senior Warden’s absence, the Junior Warden.
  30. SPECIAL VESTRY MEETINGS – Special meetings of the Vestry may be called from time to time by the Rector, the Senior Warden, or any four lay Vestry members, provided that each Vestry member has received at least 72 hours’ notice stating the time, place, and purpose of the meeting; and provided further that such notice may be waived if there is an emergency or urgent need for vestry action, notice is provided to all members of the vestry in as timely a manner as possible, and a majority of the vestry agree to hold the meeting with fewer than three days notice. The business conducted at a special meeting shall be restricted to the subject matters specified in the notice, except by unanimous consent of the entire Vestry.
  31. QUORUM – For Vestry meetings, a quorum shall be 50 percent of the entire Vestry. The vote of a majority of those present and voting shall be required for the adoption of any matter, except as specifically provided in other paragraphs of these By-Laws.
  32. REMOVAL – Persons elected to St. Bartholomew’s Vestry are expected to fulfill to the fullest extent possible the duties and responsibilities entrusted to them by the parish. These duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to regular attendance at Vestry meetings and participation in Vestry committees, sub-committees, and special projects to which they are appointed or assigned. Vestry members who fail to attend three or more consecutive Vestry meetings without providing the Vestry with a reasonable explanation for their absence may be subject to removal from the Vestry by a two-thirds majority vote of the Vestry.



  1. TITLES AND DUTIES OF OFFICERS – The parish will have four officers: Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Parish Treasurer, and Secretary of the Vestry.

1.1. SENIOR WARDEN – The Senior Warden has the general duties and responsibilities of other members of the Vestry.  In addition, the Senior Warden shall:

  1. Carry out such duties and responsibilities as may be prescribed by the Canons of the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Washington and as outlined in these By-Laws;
  2. Perform such other duties as may be assigned to the Senior Warden by the Vestry or Rector;
  3. Insure that the Vestry is advised of all matters that should receive its attention;
  4. Insure that decisions of the Vestry are carried out promptly;
  5. Be responsible for the administration of the parish in the absence of the Rector or when the office of Rector is vacant.Under such circumstances, the Senior Warden may:
  6. Call Vestry and parish meetings and preside over such meetings;
  7. Make appointments and delegate duties consistent with these By-Laws for the proper administration of the parish, after consultation with the Vestry;

iii.  Maintain communication with the Diocese;

  1. Make provisions for Sunday worship;
  2. Have a vote at Vestry and parish meetings;
  3. Serve as a member ex officio of all committees but have no vote in committee matters;
  4. Attend regional assemblies, if possible.

1.2.  JUNIOR WARDENThe Junior Warden has the general duties and responsibilities of other members of the Vestry.  In addition, the Junior Warden shall:

  1. Assist the Senior Warden in carrying out such duties and responsibilities as may be prescribed by the Canons of the Episcopal Church and Diocese of Washington and as outlined in these By-Laws;
  2. Assume the duties and responsibilities of the Senior Warden in the latter’s absence or if the office of Senior Warden is vacant;
  3. Oversee the maintenance of all Church property, real and personal, other than cash or securities;
  4. Schedule periodic work days, calling for volunteers from the parish to assist;
  5. Serve, if the Junior Warden chooses, as an advisor on the Property Committee, but have no vote.However, all final decisions and proposals of the Property Committee shall be presented to the Junior Warden before going to the Vestry;
  6. In an emergency situation, such as a building repair requiring immediate action, research the options, prepare a recommended solution as soon as possible, and, after consultation with the Senior Warden and Rector, authorize, if appropriate, emergency repairs without full Vestry approval;
  7. Perform such other duties as may be assigned to the Junior Warden by the Vestry or Rector;
  8. Attend regional assemblies, if possible.

1.3. PARISH TREASURER – The Parish Treasurer is charged with conducting and accounting for the financial matters of the parish and keeping the Vestry informed of the financial position of the parish.  The Parish Treasurer shall:

  1. Record all revenue received on behalf of the parish’s General Fund, maintaining the proper designations;
  2. Maintain the parish’s checking and other asset accounts, record deposits, pay obligations, and reconcile monthly statements;
  3. Prepare the payroll checks of all parish employees, maintaining the proper withholding, pay the appropriate government agencies, and file the documents as required by statute;
  4. Maintain a supporting original hard-copy file, for five years, of all transactions, including invoices, check stubs, and counter sheets;
  5. Prepare a Treasurer’s report for each regular Vestry meeting. The Treasurer’s report shall include the financial position of the parish’s General Fund and all other parish funds, both monthly and year to date, and a comparison of actual and budgeted figures;
  6. Prepare a year-end Treasurer’s report for distribution at the annual parish meeting;
  7. Serve on the Budget and Finance Committee;
  8. Provide, when requested by the Audit Committee, all records necessary for the annual audit conducted by an independent outside auditor;
  9. Maintain a system of internal control to ensure the proper accounting of parish financial assets. Compliance with these By-Laws and any policies established by the Vestry regarding the financial management of the parish would be included in any internal control system;
  10. Prepare the financial portion of the annual parochial report required by the National Church;
  11. Have no vote at a Vestry meeting, unless also a member of the Vestry.

1.4. SECRETARY OF THE VESTRY– The Secretary of the Vestry is the official custodian of the Church seal, Church general records and historical documents, parish minutes, and official parish membership rolls. The Secretary of the Vestry shall:

  1. Keep and maintain custody of the Church seal in a designated safe place established by the Rector and Vestry, affix the seal to all instruments requiring it, when authorized by the Rector or Vestry, and attest the same;
  2. Give, or cause to be given, notice of all parish meetings and Vestry meetings and all other notices required by law or by these By-Laws;
  3. Record all the proceedings, or minutes, of parish meetings and Vestry meetings in a safe place, designated for this purpose, which shall be known to the Rector and Vestry.In addition, the Secretary of the Vestry shall create and maintain a digital copy of all minutes, and a second digital copy shall be kept at a separate location;
  4. Email, mail, or otherwise ensure that a copy of the Vestry meeting minutes is provided to each member of the Vestry before the next scheduled Vestry meeting;
  5. In addition to the minutes, preserve in the Church office all records and papers belonging to the Vestry not otherwise provided for, such as correspondence, contracts, and agreements;
  6. Have no vote at a Vestry meeting, unless also a member of the Vestry;
  7. Present all new Vestry members with a copy of these By-Laws;
  8. Sign checks for disbursements that have been authorized by these By-Laws or by the Vestry in the absence of the Parish Treasurer.
  9. ELECTION – The Wardens are elected at the annual parish meeting. (See Article II, Section 6.) The Parish Treasurer and Secretary of the Vestry shall be elected by a majority vote of the Vestry at a special Vestry meeting immediately following the annual parish meeting. The Parish Treasurer and Secretary of the Vestry need not be members of the parish or of the Vestry.
  10. THE RECTOR – The Rector shall be the celebrant, preacher, and presiding officer of the parish and shall perform such duties and shall have such powers as may be prescribed by the Constitution and Canons of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America and of the Diocese of Washington and his or her Letter of Agreement with the Vestry. The Rector shall meet with representatives from the ushers, acolytes, adult choir, readers, chalice bearers, and Altar Guild to discuss ways that worship services could be more meaningful, smooth, and reverent.
  11. SAFETY DEPOSIT BOX – The Senior Warden and the Secretary of the Vestry shall each have keys to the Church’s safety deposit box.  At least one of them must be present when the box is opened.




1.1. The parish’s fiscal year runs from January 1 to December 31.

1.2. The Budget and Finance Committee shall prepare a budget each year and submit it to the Vestry in November or December for review and approval. See Article V, Section 2.2.

  1. LIMITATION ON EXPENDITURES – Committees may make expenditures within their allotted budgets. Additional expenditures require Vestry approval.  See Article V, Section 1.11 for detailed requirements.  No recommendation shall be made to the Vestry for contract services for $2,500.00 or more unless at least two bids for like work have been received and reviewed.  Also, no final payment shall be made to any contract service provider without confirmation by the responsible committee member or person designated by the Vestry that the work as been performed satisfactorily, in full, and in compliance with the terms of the contract.
  2. AUDITAn audit shall be conducted annually in accordance with Episcopal Diocese of Washington, Supplement 2011, Diocesan Policies (Last Edited 2008), Constitution and Canons (Last Edited 2011), pages 13–16, “Diocesan Audit Guidelines,” or the latest version. See also Article V, Section 2.1, of these By-Laws.
  3. FIDELITY BOND – The treasurers of all funds associated with the parish shall be bonded by the parish through a reputable bonding company with the cost of the bond paid by the parish treasury.
    – Any suit brought against the parish’s officers or Vestry, as a whole or individually, shall be submitted to an appointed Legal Committee or outside counsel, which will recommend to the Rector and Vestry how to proceed. Where the parish officer, Vestry, or Vestry member has acted within the authority, duties, and responsibilities given by the parish, the legal fees shall be paid by the parish. No suit shall be brought by the parish before a formal recommendation has been presented to the Vestry by an appointed Legal Committee or outside counsel, outlining the nature of the suit, the rationale for it, how to proceed with the suit, its cost, the likelihood of success, and the Legal Committee’s or outside counsel’s recommendation on bringing the suit.  To proceed with a suit, a two-thirds majority vote of the Vestry is required.



  1. GENERAL COMMITTEE DIRECTIVES – The following directives shall apply to committees and committee chairs.

1.1.  CHAIR SELECTION – Each year, as soon after the annual parish meeting as practical, the Vestry shall appoint committee chairs.  Prior to this, the Rector, Senior Warden, and Junior Warden shall prepare a list of proposed chairs for all standing committees.  Committee membership ends at each annual parish meeting.

1.2.  STANDING COMMITTEES – A standing committee is a permanent committee of the Vestry.  The parish’s standing committees are the following:


Budget and Finance

Christian Education (Adult)

Christian Education (Children)

Memorial Fund




1.3.  OTHER COMMITTEES – Other committees may be formed by the Vestry when deemed necessary and may include, among others, By-Laws, Christmas Festival, Communications, Counters, Evangelism, Fellowship, Greeters, Legal, Nominating, International Outreach, Local Outreach, Adult Youth Advisory, and Parish Youth Adult Mentors.

1.4.  COMMITTEE MEMBER RECRUITMENT – Each committee chair shall recruit committee members and submit the membership of his or her committee to the Vestry for review.  Committees should have at least three members.  Committee members may serve for a project rather than an entire year.

1.5.  COMMITTEE MEETINGS – All committees should meet regularly.  Prior notice of meetings shall be given to committee members and to the congregation.

1.6.  BUDGETS –When requested by the Budget and Finance Committee, chairs shall submit a proposed committee budget.

1.7.  OUTSIDE INCOME – If a committee considers sources of income outside the parish budget, it shall obtain Vestry approval prior to implementation.

1.8.  EXPENDITURES – Committees may expend funds assigned to them by the Vestry in the annual budget.  Any proposed expenditure in excess of the budget must be submitted to the Vestry for approval. Chairs shall forward all bills and receipts to the Parish Treasurer.  Chairs shall maintain records of committee expenditures and budget amounts remaining and will make this information available to the Vestry upon request.

1.9.  END-OF-YEAR REPORTS – Chairs shall prepare a report that includes successes, lessons learned, and any other suggestions regarding committee activities for the year, by the date required for inclusion in the parish’s annual report.

1.10.  HAND-OVER FILES – Chairs shall maintain a current “hand-over” file containing general information about the committee’s operations and activities.

1.11.  PARISH OFFICER MEMBERSHIP ON COMMITTEES – The Rector, Senior Warden, and Junior Warden shall be members ex officio of all committees.


2.1.  AUDIT – The chair shall be responsible for having the financial books of the Parish Treasurer and the books of any other funds associated with the parish audited at the end of each year and at such other times as the Vestry may direct.  The committee shall:

  1. Recommend to the Vestry an independent, outside, and qualified auditor to conduct the parish audit;
  2. Provide the auditor with all necessary parish documents to assist in the audit;
  3. Submit the audit report to the Vestry by the time designated by the Vestry and Diocese with such comments as the chair may have;
  4. Inform the Vestry of any suggestions for a more adequate control of parish financial transactions and furnish the Vestry with any reports or suggestions received from any public accountants who may be engaged to make an audit;
  5. Review all insurance and bonds for adequacy and cost efficiency every three years and report to the Vestry.

The Audit Committee shall not include any fund treasurer.

2.2.  BUDGET AND FINANCE – The chair shall be responsible for reviewing the anticipated needs of the Church, preparing a recommended budget for the calendar year, and submitting the budget to the Vestry at the November meeting of each year. The Vestry shall elect three Vestry persons (one of whom shall be chair) and, at least, one non-Vestry member from the parish to serve on this committee.  The Parish Treasurer and the Assistant Treasurer, if one has been appointed, shall be members. The committee shall:

  1. Call for proposed budgets from all parish committees;
  2. Review these budgets and make best assumptions for the needs of the parish;
  3. Prepare a recommended parish budget for the ensuing calendar year, specifying receipts and expenses by appropriate classifications;
  4. Submit the recommended budget to the Vestry for approval;
  5. Conduct a thorough review of all budget categories, comparing actual numbers against budget values, when requested by the Vestry;
  6. Recommend budget changes to the Vestry;
  7. Consider suggestions for expenditures when requested by the Vestry. Recommendations shall be forwarded to the Vestry for action.  The Vestry must approve any expenditure prior to any commitments being made.

2.3.  CHRISTIAN EDUCATION (ADULT) – The committee shall:

  1. Meet with the Rector to develop programs;
  2. Recommend topics for Sunday morning adult forums;
  3. Recommend topics for the mid-week Bible study.

2.4. CHRISTIAN EDUCATION (CHILDREN) – The committee shall consist of the coordinator and the teachers of the elementary, middle, and high school classes that meet on Sunday morning.  The committee shall:

  1. Prepare a plan of Christian education classes for the parish’s children;
  2. Coordinate scheduling;
  3. Plan for events for children and youth.


  1. The chair and the treasurer of the Memorial Fund Committee shall:
  2. Raise and receive funds for memorials;
  3. Determine which of the following two categories of funds the monies shall be assigned to:
  4. Designated Funds – All monies given to the Memorial Fund for a specific purpose, such as for altar linens, lights in the sanctuary, rector attire, music, acolytes, etc.;
  5. Undesignated Funds – All monies given to the Memorial Fund for no designated use.As a courtesy, the Memorial Fund Committee shall notify the immediate family, if possible, of the proposed use of the funds.
  6. Implement the wishes of the donors of designated funds, subject to the approval of the Vestry;
  7. Perform such other duties as the Vestry may delegate;
  8. Make no disbursements from the Memorial Fund except upon the written approval of the chair and treasurer of the Memorial Fund Committee or their authorized alternates appointed by the Vestry;
  9. Make disbursements for administrative purposes of less than $45.00 without the approval of the Vestry.
  10. The treasurer of the Memorial Fund Committee shall:
  11. Receive, maintain records of, and have custody of all monies bequeathed by a will to the Memorial Fund, unless otherwise specified, and monies donated in memory of an individual paid into the Memorial Fund;
  12. Deposit or invest funds to the credit of the Memorial Fund in banks, with the approval of the Vestry;
  13. Disburse all monies under the regulations of these By-Laws;
  14. Submit to the Vestry quarterly statements of receipts, disbursements, and cash or other assets on hand, by appropriate classifications;
  15. Maintain a supporting file of paid bills and vouchers, showing the date of payment, check number, and any necessary approvals.

2.6.  PROPERTYThe committee shall oversee major repairs and improvements of the Church’s buildings and grounds.  The chair shall:

  1. Make recommendations to the Vestry for periodic contracted services, such as grass cutting and snow removal, after obtaining two or more bids for like work, and for one-time repair or contracted maintenance work;
  2. Plan all improvements so that the expenditures do not exceed the budget line-items assigned to the committee;
  3. Submit all draft contracts to the Vestry for approval;
  4. Form special project sub-committees, as required.

2.7.  STEWARDSHIPThe committee’s purpose is to generate church operating revenue from parishioners in the form of annual pledges in order to assist in developing the parish budget for the coming year and to direct special campaigns for that purpose.  The committee’s duties may include:

  1. Determining, early in the year, a theme and planning to meet the Vestry’s parish pledge goal for the stewardship campaign;
  2. Sending out pledge cards with a deadline for return and stating the parish pledge goal for the year;
  3. Establishing a follow-up procedure for those not responding by the specified deadline;
  4. Establishing a campaign program for the return of pledges, such as a parish dinner, brunch, or special Church service, in order to highlight the pledge campaign process and the ending of pledge period;
  5. Establishing a procedure for soliciting financial support from new parish members and an increase in pledges from other parish members;
  6. Keeping the Vestry and Rector advised about the progress made during the campaign and the results achieved at the end of the campaign;
  7. Announcing to the Church congregation through Church publications and posting in the Church the results of the campaign and whether or not the pledge goal was reached.
  8. Encouraging bequests.

3.1. PLEDGE AND CONTRIBUTION RECORDERThe Pledge and Contribution Recorder maintains the records of each contribution.  The Recorder is appointed by the Vestry annually.  The Recorder shall:

  1. Record from the counters’ reports all contributions received on behalf of the parish, maintaining proper designations and records;
  2. Send statements twice annually to all those who have pledged or contributed to the Church, after the second and fourth quarters;
  3. Reconcile with the Parish Treasurer’s records on a quarterly basis to verify the accuracy of the contribution records;
  4. Provide pledge information to the Budget and Finance Committee and the Stewardship Committee.

3.2.  CONVENTION DELEGATES – A convention delegate and an alternate convention delegate shall be elected each year at the annual parish meeting.  These delegates shall attend the Convocation Regional Assembly and the Episcopal Diocese of Washington Convention, usually held in January, and report back at the annual parish meeting.



The By-Laws may be amended or changed at any regular or special meeting of the parish by a 67 percent vote, a quorum being present, provided a copy of the proposed amendment or change and an announcement of the date of the meeting has been emailed or mailed to each member of the parish at least thirty days prior to the meeting and notice of the amendment and meeting has been given for three Sundays prior to date of the meeting in the parish bulletin. No amendment to the By-Laws may shorten the term of any individual who is a member of the vestry on the effective date of the amendment.



All Vestry, committee, and parish meetings shall be conducted in a manner consistent with these By-Laws and the Canons of the Diocese of Washington and of the National Episcopal Church.