Easter Day 2017

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Easter Day 2017

Colossians 3:1-4; John 20:1-18

Living God,

long ago, faithful women

proclaimed the good news

of Jesus’ resurrection,

and the world was changed forever.

Help us to live into that change

not fearing

but believing even when we doubt.  Amen.

We have been following Jesus around

these past weeks



because we want to understand him



We want to know who he is…




Son of God?

This day we need not concern

ourselves where Jesus might be

for either ourselves

or those early followers,

like Mary Magdalene

or Peter

or that unnamed disciple.

We hear who he is

through the lens of those who believe

and those who doubt.

For they are proclaiming the very thing

that is the hardest to believe.


Not simply raised from the dead,

for that would be mean to die again.


God’s gift of freedom

without fear of either death

or might be added, life.

For Jesus has cast aside his grave clothes

simply because they were irrelevant;

he no longer needed them.

Some of us are here this day because

this day of days is totally relevant to us.

Some of us are here

entering with doubt and questions.

Some of us are here

but we consider this day completely

like something we might notice

out of our peripheral view

but then it passes

and we are onto other sights.

This day is in our peripheral life

and we can’t quite understand

what all the fuss is about.

We want to know if this resurrection

thing is true

is it relevant to our 21st century lives

and why would we believe such outrageous


What Jesus experienced in his resurrection

is quite honestly too mighty

too powerful

to be encompassed by certainty.

Such is the life of faith.

Setting our minds on things that are not

part of our rational way of living life

is something that is outside of physical normality.

This resurrection of Jesus

is a true mystery

only revealed to those who question.

And his resurrection is our entry

into discovering our true identity

if we will allow it.

For with Jesus in full view

not on the periphery

our identity is no longer defined

by the world

but by Jesus himself.

For as his death did not have the final word

so is true for ours.

We are to live this resurrection life

this life in which the things that pull us

out of our spiritual nature

are no longer important,

but become the irrelevant.

We think we celebrate Easter

because of Christmas,

but it is the other way around.

We celebrate Jesus entry into humanity

because of his resurrection.

Without that there would be no birth narrative

there would be to Nativity plays

there would be no carols.

This day

is the beginning for us

not the end to the seasons of the church year.

An invitation to live into a spiritual life

that will know no end,

causing us to yearn

asking us to live into this mystery

called resurrection.  Amen.

Easter Day 2017