The Rev. Linda Calkins


I have been privileged to serve this parish for eight years as of November 2018.  In that time I have grown to love and to cherish the people and the ministries offered.  I personally began my ordained ministry just down the road a bit at  St. John’s Episcopal Church in Olney, MD.  Since then I have served parishes in Montgomery and Prince George’s County, Washington, D.C. and Stowe, VT.  
My educational background is in theology, pastoral counseling and finally seminary, with an ever-growing desire for deeper understanding and naming of God, a broadening of our relationship with each other, and a love of Scripture as well as the beautiful liturgy found in our Book of Common Prayer.
I have the joy of being married to my wife, Susan; we are currently surrounded by our pets Rose, Scout and Marmalade, our son Benjamin and daughter-in-law Jennifer, and our wonderful grandsons Elliot and David.  Life has given many challenges, but God’s grace and abundance have been bestowed upon us and upon this parish, for which we give much thanks.