June 7, 2020

Trinity Sunday

Passage: Genesis 1:1-2:4; Matthew 28: 16-20

Ancient of Day who sittest throned in glory in thee all knees are bent, all voices pray, thy love has blessed the wide world’s wondrous story with life and light since Eden’s dawning day.

O Triune God, with heart and voice adoring, praise we the goodness that doth crown our days; pray we that thou wilt hear us, still imploring thy love and favor, kept to us always. Amen.

It is never an easy task to preach on Trinity Sunday. How does one describe, delineate, descend into three persons in one?

Well, we start at the beginning, just like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music.

God: creator and sustainer of the universe. Big job there…not only bringing worlds into being but keeping them going.

Jesus: the human one who lived among us. Not so hard to understand as we get being human sometimes better than other times.

Holy Spirit: in Hebrew it is ‘ruach’ the breath, in a sense the voice of God which is within not only creation but humans (read, us) to inspire and to guide.

Not so hard yet, but how do these three exist as one?

Let’s go back to Genesis, the beginning of beginnings. In fact…in the beginning, God. Author of creation but can only bring into being the worlds

through word which, as we know, words can only go so far. They need action behind them, which is breath, or in this case spirit which sweeps across the void to give it life.

So far, so good. Then we get to Jesus, the Word of God made flesh.

This trinitarian wording Jesus uses at the end of the gospel of Matthew

I can guarantee you he never used. No such thing in his time as the Trinity.

Oh, there was God, and there was Jesus, and there was spirit. But not some fancy formula to put them all together.

Still… it’s the truth of the three-personed God that called the disciples and for sure us to be immersed in the sacred presence of God, found in Jesus,

given through the Spirit. And these first disciples, now at the point of taking all they have hopefully learned from Jesus into a world which does not want them any more than it wanted him… They are to be so immersed that they will live out his teachings in their world through the infilling of the Holy Spirit which has yet to come.

Fine…creation, first disciples. But how to relate all this to the Trinity.

In the words from an old song… you can’t have one without the other.

God as the very beginning of the thought process of creation cannot, does not create without the word going forth to call things into being. But without the energy to take that word, nothing happens. Yet when something does happen that energy going forth, God’s breath, returns back to God to help everything begin all over again. Julie Andrews singing ad infinitum.

Beginning…sending forth words…creative energy…making stuff happen.

And around and around it goes. OK, this is good, like God said.

But what about us? If we as humans have ideas, words to put those ideas forth, we need energy to ‘create’ as it were. But we need to use our ideas, our words, our energy for the goodness of God or else they are just ideas and words and energy. Flat; nothing happening. And that trinity of ideas and words and energy become apathy, shutting down, shutting out.

So WE need to be open to God’s creative energy to give back to God

our own power and our gifts so creativity flows in a never-ending cycle.

We ALL have gifts, even if we think they are too small or worthless to offer to God. But if God can take an idea and put words behind it and send forth energy to make stuff happen don’t you think God can do the same for you and I? So even since we are separated from each other, from our loved ones, we are NOT separated from God. And handing over to God our apathy and our shutting down and shutting out will give us a sense of where to use our gifts for the goodness of creation, friends, family, each other. Use your ideas, put them into words, get some energy behind the idea and get going!

If God just had an idea of creation and did nothing about it…well, think on that one for a bit. Amen.

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