April 19, 2019

Good Friday – Noon Sermon

Passage: Hebrews 10:16-25


There is a custom with many devout Jewish men to wear Scripture on their foreheads.  A phylactery a little box containing the Hebrew Scriptures.  We would do well to wear such an item despite not being Jewish nor thinking we need such a thing.  But the promise from the book of Hebrews is that God will put the divine law into our hearts  will write them on our minds.

And we wonder what that has to do with this day this day of anguish and death. Much, actually, for if we know the Scriptures for this day even the long Passion narrative then we contain that Scripture in our hearts. And when Scripture is in the heart then the rest of this lesson comes to pass. Sin will be remembered no more; forgiveness is so complete reconciliation is offered tenderly and willingly we have nothing but joy and gratitude. This is not about sadness or anguish regarding the death of Jesus but gratefulness he offered himself up to death that we might truly live. There is no need to endlessly prove our worth for it is finished. That reconciliation between God and humanity is so complete so unbroken there is no fear we might not be able to draw close to God.

Jesus has offered us in his death a way forward into God’s presence we can do no other if we so choose. Good Friday can be seen as a renewal of our commitment to our life in Christ. The letter to the Hebrews acknowledges our dashed hopes our personal failures. But Jesus’ death breaks those failures and we can leave this place this day with gratefulness not grieving…knowing that the cross is Jesus’ finest hour for it is according to the Gospel of John his glorification, the very fulfillment of his mission.  Period.

And we can go from this place in peace we can renew our commitment to Jesus we can say thank you every moment of every day and live with gratefulness that lasts a lifetime.  Amen.

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