Welcome to September Parishioners of the Month!

Featured Parishioners of The Month, Judy Docca & Charley Burns!

Written by Betsy Taylor

I hope you all had a great Summer! As we dive into the new school year, and the Fall season, I thought I would change things up a bit. For myself, only being a member for a little over 6 years, I am completely impressed with the diversity of our church membership.  This month I am showcasing 2 of our endeared parishioners, Judy Docca who attends our 9:00 service, a member for 50 years, and Charley Burns, who regularly attends our 10:30 service for the past 6 years. Not surprising, you will see that there are similarities between these two parishioners!

Meet Charley Burns —

Charley began coming to St. Bart’s when he was 11 and has been here for 6 years now.  He is a full-time student, getting ready to head for college very soon. Charley is an only child, growing up in Mt. Airy. He made sure to let me know that he loves his life, and wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Working at a couple of part time jobs such as a production assistant at a summer camp and a cashier for a local café are helping him to round out his experiences and his personality. Sounds like he enjoys being around people, so it makes sense that he would like to focus on a job in physical therapy when thinking about his future. He says that he wants to help both adults & kids get back into their normal lives and their families after having an injury or surgery.

He likes to listen to pop music, or occasionally hip-hop or rap. Myrtle Beach is on his list for his next vacation because he’s never been there (hint, don’t go during hurricane season!!)

Coming from a very young person, I love his comment about St. Bart’s church – He loves the tightness of the community we have, how it feels safe and inviting for new people.

Charley’s favorite motivational quote is: “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”  — Confucius        I think this says a lot about Charley’s view of life, especially when I asked him if he had any advice for us “older folks”.  His response was: “Not much but just to stay happy and keep being the community I love.”  If any of you reading this doubted that you were making a difference in the world, please note that Charley thinks you are!


Meet Judy Docca –

We can all thank Joyce Hatter for bringing Judy to St. Bart’s!  Back in 1969, Judy & Joyce were teachers together at Gaithersburg High School. After that job, she moved on to other Montgomery County positions, including Assistant Principal and Principal.  She also was the Youth Sponsor Education Chair and 2nd VP of the Montgomery County NAACP Chapter.  Along with tutoring SATs for 15 years on weeknights & Sundays, she was also a founder and President of the Montgomery County Alliance of Black School Educators. And I’m sure most of you will recognize Judy as being in her 12th year serving on the Montgomery County School Board.

As far as St. Bart’s goes, she served on the Vestry and was previously in charge of the Outreach committee, where she headed up the activity of serving a monthly dinner to the women of the Sophia House in Rockville.

Her favorite thing(s) about this church are the friendships made, the work ethic, and the study groups headed by Rev Linda. 

When asked for her next vacation, she said she would probably go to Ocean City, but would love to visit Alaska & Israel.

When she was younger, her goal was to become a translator, since she studied Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian & Latin.

Her advice to her 18-year-old self: “Do not hesitate to take advantage of any opportunity which is presented.”


I hope you enjoyed September’s Featured Parishioner(s) of the Month.

Please take the time to look back at the archived highlighted church members from earlier this year.  We sure have some fascinating people in our church!