Welcome to June Featured Parishioner Of The Month, Stevie Grimes!

Written by Betsy Taylor


  Hey everyone – meet our June Parishioner of the Month, Stevie Grimes. Pictured here is Stevie with her husband, Brent, and her daughter, Laura Hutchinson, and granddaughter, Olivia!

Stevie and her husband, Brent, have been St. Bartholomews members since 1979. She grew up as an Air Force “brat”, born in Fairbanks, Alaska, but moved around quite a bit. Having lived in Gaithersburg on more than one occasion during one of her dad’s tours, she actually graduated high school in Paris! She even attended the American College in Paris, but completed her BA at George Washington University. When returning to this area, she reacquainted herself with Mr. Brent Grimes (who turned out to be the love of her life!) and the rest is history. Two beautiful daughters and 3 lovely grandchildren round out their wonderful family – Owen 8, Olivia 6, and Alice 6. Daughter Emily and her husband, Dean, live in Baltimore and Laura and her family are stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY.

Stevie’s career path led her to retire after 37 years as Director, Office of Headquarters Personnel Security Operations for the US Department of Energy in 2015. Growing up, Stevie thought she wanted to be a doctor, but was ultimately satisfied with the path down which she was led.
Her music choices are varied, but as a baby boomer, she is drawn to the Beatles & the Eagles. As a vestry member, I asked Stevie why she is a member of our church. She says that she loves the people (that seems to be the common theme so far with all of those whom I have interviewed!), the leadership, the liturgy – and frankly, she says she just loves everything about our church!

Her favorite quote: “Don’t look back, the past is no longer an option”
What she would say to her 18-year-old self: “Have more confidence in yourself”

Their next vacation will be some sort of road trip, but it hasn’t been planned yet. As a church member who sits behind Stevie & her husband almost every Sunday (we sort of have “self” assigned seating), I truly enjoy being around them. Chatting with them at coffee hour is also one of my favorite things to do. (Stevie has a great sense of humor — bet you didn’t know that about her!)