Welcome to October Parishioners of the Month, Bill & Ann Fitts!



You have seen him singing in the choir! And you have seen her running around making sure our prayer beads ministry is running smoothly!! Ladies & Gentlemen, meet this month’s featured parishioners —–  Bill & Ann Fitts. 

Ann was born in a mining town in Kentucky where both her grandfather and father worked in the mines.  A bronze star decorated soldier from WWII, her father eventually took an insurance job and moved the family to Alexandria, Virginia. She attended the famous Hammond High School (Remember the Titans), graduating 1 year prior to the famous football events. 

She & Bill met when they were both seniors in high school when she wrapped a present for Father’s Day for him while they both worked summer jobs at Sears.  Bill attended Falls Church High School in Falls Church, Virginia where he played football and other sports too.  After he graduated from George Mason University, Bill became a CPA.  Seven years later, they welcomed their only child, Graham. As Graham got older and into sports, Bill became an active coach for Graham’s sports teams! 

Bill has not only utilized his CPA talents as our church treasurer, but has served as both senior and junior warden. He is the ultimate “handyman”, having completed renovations such as the wiring, plumbing, painting, etc. of their former Virginia home.  Then, for the last 20 years, he has been restoring their old farmhouse in Olney — “a job that will never be done” (that’s a quote from Ann!)  Bill is always willing to take on new projects at home or church. His quote is “Starting is half done.” 

In 1984 the Fitts moved to Laytonsville from Virginia when Ann accepted a Marketing Director position in the aerospace industry.  (Hey folks, this explains her phenomenal leadership qualities!) She reached out to both the Methodist Church and St. Bartholomews Episcopal church in Laytonsville.  Father Bonbrest from St. Bartholomews came to visit them that very night, and they became instant members! Bill had been a cradle Episcopalian; Ann was raised Methodist, but was confirmed in 1986. We are proud to say that they have been members of St. Bartholomews for 35 years!! 

Back to their son, Graham – he is married to Maya, our Sunday School Director.  They live close to Bill & Ann, which makes it quite nice for them to visit often………. Oh, and of course, they bring Bill & Ann’s grandchildren, Wyatt (7) and Gracie (5), who bring tons of joy and laughter to their home!  

As far as their musical tastes go, while loving Motown music, they have also gravitated toward country and inspirational church music over the years. 

Being avid Washington Nationals fans (see picture above), their next vacation will take them to Florida in the spring to watch spring training. 

Favorite Quote: “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis       OR  “I hope to die young, as late as possible.”

In closing, I would like to recognize both Bill & Ann for their continued dedication to St. Bartholomews church, from being superb parishioners, to vestry members, to choir & prayer beads ministry participants.  Lastly, but most significantly, Ann’s dedication to having a vision for our Memorial Garden & Labyrinth.  If it were not for Ann’s dedication and hard work, it would not have been built for all to see!