Prayer Beads Ministry of Washington

Our ministry is making prayer beads to be freely given through priests, chaplains and lay ministers as a tool to enhance prayer and meditation.  They have been given to hospices, hospitals, NICU centers, and to a variety of church outreach ministries. 

Our church was part of a former Episcopal diocesan ministry that made prayer beads for our deployed troops.  When that ministry came to an end due to health considerations, we established the “Prayer Beads Ministry of Washington” sponsored by our church as a spinoff of the previous ministry.  Our donated beads are made using Bethlehem Olivewood from the Holy Land and lovely glass beads along with pendants.  We have been making and giving away approximately 800-1200 sets of prayer beads annually beginning in 2015.

We fund our ministry through sales of beautiful heirloom quality prayer beads made with semi-precious stones, Bethlehem Olivewood beads from the Holy Land and a variety of cross, trees-of-life and labyrinth pendants. 

Please visit our website to learn more about our ministry or to donate through the purchase of beautiful handmade prayer beads.  These are a lovely gift for all occasions or to provide someone the needed gift of prayer and meditation.  Contact us at for any additional information.  Thank you for your support!