Memorial Garden (save)

A group of volunteers from St. Bartholomew’s Church, working with a landscape architect, has developed a plan for a memorial garden providing a sacred place for prayer and meditation. In this time of instant communication, social upheaval, and hectic life schedules, there exists a need for ongoing spiritual renewal.

We feel we are uniquely positioned to make this spiritual offering to our community given our extensive church grounds at the heart of our growing town’s activities. The garden will include a beautiful labyrinth inspired by Marilyn Carollo and also other memorials that can be donated to honor your loved ones and celebrate major life events.

The garden is designed to be a beautiful expansion of our church infrastructure, located on the side yard behind the Griffith House. This location will provide a tranquil place away from traffic noise, but located near enough to the church to be enjoyed while attending services. It will also be a place where special services can be offered or community outreach events held.

A presentation was given at a fundraiser kick-off on December 17th that describes more fully the garden design and various memorial donation opportunities. No church operating funds will be used and all donations are strictly voluntary. It is our goal to make various donation memorials available so everyone within our church can participate. The cornerstone memorial (donated by the Ladies Guild) is a Tree-of-Life with 200 leaves available for engraving with a requested donation of $150. The fundraiser will continue through the end of January, making donations possible across two tax years, if desired. It is our goal to be finished with construction in late spring/early summer 2018. A donation card is available to record your desired memorial.

After reviewing the attached materials, please call or email me if you have any additional questions. Thank you for your consideration and your continued support to our church.

Ann Fitts
Memorial Garden Committee
Phone: 301-774-4575