Quarterly Star Parishioner


Written by Betsy Taylor Calender

(Pictured from left: Gracie, Maya, Graham & Wyatt Fitts!)

Welcome! Hang on people as you learn about this very talented young woman, Mrs. Maya Fitts. You will learn that you may have even seen her in a performance at the Kennedy Center, the Warner Theater, the National Theater, the Signature Theater, Toby’s Dinner Theater, or last, but certainly NOT least, the White House!

Maya came to our church in 2007, but more formally began attending on a regular basis once she married her wonderful husband, Graham Fitts in 2010. You will most recently know her as the face behind the video camera recording our Sunday morning services, and reading the lessons. And for anyone who doesn’t know, having the “Fitts” last name means that she is the daughter-in-law of Ann & Bill Fitts, aka the mother of the Fitts grandchildren.

When the job of Sunday School Director was offered to her around 2013, she readily accepted and began working with all of the church kids, including her own two beautiful children, Wyatt (now 8) and Gracie (now 6). Her responsibilities include weekly Sunday school lessons as well as producing the annual Christmas pageant. As a second job, she also owns a small shop which makes hair accessories and clothing with a focus on promoting a love of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) in young girls.

A native of Montgomery County, she has lived in Olney and Silver Spring. Maya earned a BA in ballet/modern dance from the University of Maryland. Which is a great segue into her musical theater career mentioned above. Her first professional theater show was at the age of 8 performing in an opera at the Kennedy Center (Boris Godunov), musical theater at 10 in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Warner Theater), and countless others throughout DC’s theaters. Her favorite musical performance was in Thoroughly Modern Millie! Her favorite dance choice is tap, which she hopes to revive once her children are older. We hope so too because we would LOVE to see her perform!

She delights in the fact that everyone in the church knows her family and is very supportive to the degree that she does not feel lost and loves how special it makes her kids feel too. Having the multi-generational congregation that we have allows her to get involved with church activities and with people on a community level. (Remember our pancake suppers, our outdoor picnics, our Easter Egg hunts, and our get togethers in the undercroft pre-Covid? We can’t wait to get back to those activities again.)

Maya has a very interesting choice of music – she loves Mainstream Punk Rock and musicals!

And would you know that Maya is a HUGE Star Wars fan? Their next family vacation is off to Disney to the new Star Wars hotel! Sounds like SO much fun!

Digging deeper into her history, I learned that when she was a child, her dream job when she grew up was to be a muppeteer! She grew up on musical theater and wanted to use her skills to be on Sesame Street & the Muppet Show. However, it turns out that she was about 3” too short to be a muppeteer, but was still able to use her musical theater experience and worked in that career professionally which was her 2nd childhood choice for a profession!