All Saint Sunday: Living Our True Selves

The parables we have uncovered these weeks of the later season of Pentecost

are ones that invite us into being servants, but servants who lead others. We cannot be that servant, that leader, if we are like the Pharisees of Jesus’ focus.

Teachers who are hypocrites who say one thing and do another. We all know people like that, maybe it’s ourselves. Jesus’ invitation to us this day is to move out of the seat of being the judge into the place of being the healed and being the healer.

This is a day to respond to Jesus’ acceptance to be our truest selves to wear no mask of pretending, as many did this past Tuesday. And when some day others sing that song of the saints of God,

and your name and my name is on the back of a bulletin, may someone say of us

that we were people of Jesus and we lived a life full of grace and truth.

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