St. Bartholomew’s Music Ministry

Our parish endeavors to provide inspiring music that will enhance the worship services. The 10:30 service features several hymns, played on organ or piano (as well as additional instruments from time to time), with vocals led by the choir. The hymns come from the Episcopal Hymnal and Lift Every Voice and Sing, a collection of hymns in the spiritual tradition. Anthems, performed by the choir, are pieces written specially for choirs, usually with multiple parts. Also, our talented staff has composed a number of hymns and service music pieces.

The music ministry also supports special events, including the Christmas Pageant, community services, and town picnics. The music ministry even tackles advanced concepts, such as sung psalms, thanks to the vision of choir director and organist Lauren Fisher. She is always looking to expand the music ministry via new talent, and welcomes new ideas, and the occasional request. Children’s music has also taken center stage, with hand bell pieces, puppet shows, creative movement pieces, and Orff arrangements. Future plans include a children’s choir and more musical services.

Music News

If you hear something different from the organ on the last verse of a hymn, it is a reharmonization or improvisation. Reharmonization changes the existing harmony of the tune in a musically appropriate way. Listen for it especially on the recessional!

Please visit our YouTube channel to hear (and see!) some of our music.  

Anthems from our choir:

The Heavens Are Telling 
There Is No One Like My Jesus
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel