2017 Vestry

The Vestry of each Episcopal Church is the governing body of that parish. Meeting usually monthly, this body of elected parishioners discusses the budget as to how the parish is functioning financially; entertaining new and old business to ascertain the best way to meet goals and aspirations. Led by both the Rector and Sr. Warden, the Vestry of St. Bartholomew’s begins each meeting with a devotion offered by members and ends with Compline, setting the parameters of a spiritual focus to our meetings. The Vestry also is responsible for all the functions of the parish from parking lot reconstruction to building a labyrinth. All decisions within the parish eventually come to the Vestry for either information or approval. All parishioners are invited to attend any and all meetings as this is not a closed group.


Interim Sr. Warden:
Nancy Row (2018)

Jr. Warden:
Bill Fitts (2019)

Lois Leigh (2018)

Eric Hale (2019)

Charley Hendricks (2019)

Janet Shea (2018)

Jeff Bergsten (2019)

Stevie Grimes (2020)

Chris Dennison (2020)

Charlton Howard (2020)