Parking Lot Expansion Project

SUBJECT: Saint Bartholomew’s Church Parking Lot Fund Drive

Dear Parishioner,

During the past few years, our Vestry, assisted by other Parish members, has been evaluating the total condition of Saint Bartholomew’s Church. We identified a variety of areas that required maintenance or new renovation to bring the facility up to proper standards and to better meet our congregation’s needs.

Recently, several improvements have been completed. They include:

Installation of the Vertical Lift with associated drainage improvements

Replacement of the Undercroft Ceiling, for improved appearance and sound reduction

Replacement of the front steps and repair of the handrails

Repair of the failed façade (Stucco and structure)

Repair and cleaning of the Kneelers

These improvements have all been accomplished using existing Church funds, including personal contributions from Parishioners and gifts from the Ladies Guild, the Riggs Fund, and the Memorial Fund.

Our next major project is to repair, repave, and restripe the Church Parking Lot and to improve the access drives to it. We are looking at a design for parking access that will provide a safe area between the rear of the Church, the Children’s Play Area, and the back door of the Office. We also plan to provide a new parking configuration that will substantially increase the capacity of the Parking Lot.

We write to you now to solicit your help in raising the additional funds that will be needed to pay for this project. Our goal is to raise $50,000 by the end of September 2016 to fund the project, and we hope to complete the repaving by the end of the year. If you have any questions about these plans, please contact Mr. John Pawulak or Mr. Bill Fitts.

In addition to being our special place of worship, Saint Bartholomew’s Church stands as a historical highlight in the town of Laytonsville. The work your contributions will fund will increase the ease and safety of attending services at Saint Bartholomew’s while improving the overall appearance of the church property.


The Reverend Linda Calkins                                John D. Pawulak Sr.

Rector                                                                   Senior Warden