Volunteer Ministries at St. Bart’s

Blessings:  (Nancy Row) To identify members of our congregation who may be in need of receiving meals or other services. In addition it will assist members of the community on a limited basis that you may be aware of that are in need.

Children’s:  Sunday School (Maya Fitts) Sunday School is held downstairs from 10:45 until the end of service in the undercroft. The children start upstairs and then after the Lessons part of the service are dismissed to Sunday School (there will be a leader to follow). The children stay downstairs until the end of service- to pick up your child please exit through the church’s front red doors, walk around the building, and enter through the back to come downstairs.  We are excited to have you join us! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email Maya Fitts at Mayuri.cherian@gmail.com

Vestry: the lay leadership of any Episcopal parish.  This also includes the Senior and Junior Wardens, Treasurer and Registrar.

Outreach:  (Franca Kimmel) We offer three to four times each year opportunities to make a difference somewhere in local and world-wide communities, often in conjunction with the Episcopal Relief and Development Ministries.  This ministry is led by Franca Kimmel.

Choir: ( Lauren Fisher)   Our music director welcomes new voices and talent.

Ladies Guild: (Sonja Elgin) This is a committed group of women meeting monthly September through June presided over by Sonja Elgin.  Each year they host a rousing night of Bingo, and are always looking for both new members and ideas.

-Altar Guild:  (Stevie Grimes) This group sets the altar for each Sunday, special services, and for each season.

Offering Counters: (Lois Leigh) Each Sunday, or soon thereafter, one or more parishioners takes the collection, counts and enters the amount, then deposits that into our bank account.

-Ushers: (Church Office) Weekly greeters at the 10:30 service who hand each person a bulletin and assist with leading each row to the altar. This group is in need of volunteers!

-Chalice Bearers: (Church Office) Serving the chalice at both 8:00 and 10:30 worship.

Readers: (Church Office) Reading the lessons for each Sunday on a rotating basis at both services.

-Acolytes: (Church Office) We depend on our youth to process with the cross and assist at the altar, but this ministry can be for any age person who is able to carry the large cross.

Sunday School: ( Maya and Ann Fitts) As our program grows, Maya and Ann will be looking for volunteers to assist in teaching and caring for the toddlers.

Coffee Hour: (Nancy Row) We try to have a time of fellowship after each service, but need parishioners to make the coffee and offer some sort of light refreshment.

-Growth Committee: (Eric Hale and Nancy Row) This group was recently formed to discover and offer ways in which the local communities know of our presence and what we have to share.

-Heritage Committee: (Charley Hendricks) After the completion of our bicentennial year, we keep the fires burning through making our own history come alive in a variety of ways.  Each autumn we gather at the original church site on Sundown Road for Holy Communion; each Easter morning we also gather there for an Easter dawn service.

Prayer Beads: (Ann Fitts) This ministry makes prayer beads to give to a variety of organizations, including NIH, Montgomery Hospice, as well as first time visitors. There is also a small group meeting weekly to pray the prayer beads.  Parishioners may purchase the prayer beads for family and friends.   Please visit our prayer bead website for more information.

-Second Look Boutique: (Ethel Olivierre) This is a new ministry which is housed in the old Griffith House on Sundown Road.  Open Fridays and Saturdays, the boutique is open to sell women’s clothing, jewelry, and collectables.  Volunteers are needed to be present during those days.


We are always looking for people to help with a variety of projects such as fixing broken door handles, keeping the altar cushions clean, assisting in a yard sale or new venture, just about anything anyone can think of.

This may be a small parish, but we have a lot happening.  Please consider where you might fit to offer your own time and talents!

Children’s Ministry