Sunday of the Passion 2017

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Sunday of the Passion 2017

Philippians 2:5-11

Just as God was entrusted into human hands in the Incarnation, hands that carefully, lovingly swaddled, fed, caressed and held him, so also the Son of Man is betrayed into human hands that will slap, bind, torture, and nail him to a cross.  And in his crucifixion is his exaltation.  We bow before such love.  Amen.

Just a few short moments ago we paraded into this place of worship, a sign of the entrance into Holy Week.

Just a few short years ago Jesus was paraded out of Jerusalem to a hill called Calvary, a sign of his entrance into dying.

His dying is his self-emptying, his complete and utter giving up of all that was his from the very beginning of time.

In his self-emptying, his kenosis, he manifested, he showed to us and to the world from that moment to this, God’s free, dispossessing love.  A love so rare it happened only once in the history of humanity.  His love manifested through his death ushered in new life.  Only through such action as this can we truly know how to live.

And as Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a humble donkey, his triumphant entry became his entry into his passion.  And it is ours as well if we dare to empty ourselves as he did.

And we bow before such a love as this and pray for the grace and the emptiness to live like him.  Amen.

Sunday of the Passion 2017